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Life and Laughter: Wolfe Brothers

These three brothers have come all the way from Oasis Springs to the beautiful city of New Crest, with the goal in mind of starting over in a new town where no one knows them.  They wanted a place where they could meet others like them and build a future for themselves after the death of their parents.  Somewhere away from all of the talk about them and their personal lives after the scandal.

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Cornerstone Primary

Welcome to Cornerstone Primary, my take on a children’s primary school.  It was a fun build and there were a lot of little things that I put into it that I really enjoyed doing.  I’ve added some pictures below. Continue reading “Cornerstone Primary”

Nevermore Game Intro

Going along with one of my series of novels, the Never Say “Nevermore” series, is going to be this game that I am working on, which follows the books and allows the reader not only to read along with the novel but to make changes that will effect how the novel actually ends. Continue reading “Nevermore Game Intro”

D&D Map – NoS

So I made my own first map of my campaign.  Yay!  I’ve been sick the last few days real bad, so I haven’t gotten to do much.  I needed an island map for my campaign Nation of Stone (NoS).  Despite spending hours scouring google looking to swipe someone else’s map… oh come on, like you haven’t done that before… I finally gave up.  There were no island maps that were what I was looking for.  They all just didn’t represent the island the way I saw it.  Deciding on a new route, I determined that I was going to make my own! Continue reading “D&D Map – NoS”

Book Review: Trained to Breed

(Bred by Wolves Series Book #1)

by Celia Sykes


Book Blurb

Ariel has led a sheltered life deep in the forest until one day she is kidnapped by werewolf. He’s been looking for a virgin like her for quite some time. And now, he’s going to train her to breed. Will Ariel give in to the dominant wolf’s commands and learn the true pleasure of submission? Read on to find out.

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Roleplay Trailer: Nation of Stone

This one is going to be a story line of my design.  The players start out attending a festival for various reasons.  Doesn’t matter the reason.  Either way, they all wind up abducted in one way or another and aboard a slave ship bound to another continent to sell them.  During the voyage, they hear the crew discussing a cursed island that the ship is steering clear from and that those who sail too close are never seen again.  Unfortunately a storm blows the ship too close and it’s attacked by a massive creature.  Ablaze and being thrashed around, the lock securing the party is busted open and they manage to escape.

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Book Review: The Strange Power

(Dark Visions Series Book #1)

By L. J. Smith


Book Blurb

Eyes that saw what was not meant to be seen. Kaitlyn Fairchild was frightened by her uncanny talent, by the prophetic drawings that isolated her at school. Until she was invited to California, to attend the Zetes institute with four other psychically gifted students, in return for a college scholarship. It was a chance to begin again, to belong; a great adventure, with the promise of romance…with Rob, irresistible, yet strangely innocent…with dark, enigmatic Gabriel. Until they learn the truth about an experiment that threatens their sanity, and their lives. All they have is each other, and a perilous psychic link that can save – or destroy – them all…

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Roleplay Trailer: Lost Mine of Phandelver


“Lost Mine of Phandelver” brings the 2015 ENnie Gold Winning Adventure for Best Production Value, Best Family Game, and Best Publisher (Wizards of the Coast) to the four-time ENnie Gold Winning Best Software, Roll20.

Ideal for a group of 4 to 6 players, “Lost Mine of Phandelver” includes the entire adventure in a digitized format with 5 pre-generated characters, digital game tokens and maps, digital handouts for both Dungeon Masters and players, and the high-powered customization of the Roll20 interface.

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Book Review: The Wizard, the Farmer, and the very petty Princess

by Daniel Fox


Book Blurb

The evil undead are marching. As the human kingdoms stand on the brink of extinction, the reluctant farmer Idwal is forced into adventure, shanghaied by a vain princess, tricked out of his money by a cackling miser, and finds much to his surprise that he’s starting to like it all. As he gets swept along he’ll meet reluctant kings, wicked witches, mourning dwarves, and the surprisingly lively undead, as he is caught between the Princess Willuna who seeks to show herself a serious young woman and the wizard Bodolomous who is determined to prove himself The Most Evil Man Alive.

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